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Spring Baby…

Thursday, 9th April, 2015

So here we are with the Easter weekend behind us, easter eggs eaten, being a spring baby, there’s nothing I like more than Easter! Spring brings with it the Bug for Spring Cleaning and for me that has been in the form of sorting out my photographs on my new computer……isn’t it incredible how many we take these days? When you think only ten years ago each group of photos meant more film to buy!! Now we click away with impunity. In the next few blogs I’ve decided to share some of those photos with you, so here goes… My Easter Photo is of the lovely Matt Baker, he of The One Show and Country File fame. It was this time 2 years ago that he and the producers at the BBC came to me with a fabulous challenge. Matt was presenting the last TV show taken before the closing of the Shepherd’s Bush TV Studios (March 2013) He had an idea he wanted to re enact Roy Castle’s infamous Tap Routine around the BBC TV Centre Fountain in 1977 as seen here My mission was to copy the tap routine and teach it to Matt. Of course I accepted this mission and loved every second of teaching Matt Baker to tap dance. Having never donned a pair of tap shoes before, he blossomed into a very proficient Time Stepper and Hoofer. Of course we had already seen him on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, and the bigger fans will know that in his youth he was a National Gymnast (you will hear him doing TV commentary with Gaby Roslin if you are a gymnastics fan), but still that wasn’t a guarantee that he’d be a natural tapper, however, a couple of intense weeks of early morning tapping to 42nd Street, and I unveiled a truly talented tap dancer and made a great friend. Another bit of networking gold in Lauraland! Matt Baker and Laura Frey