Laura Frey

Freelance Radio, Voice Over and Columinst


Throughout her career, Laura has been involved in many charity events and fundraisers.

She has even had the honour of being made patron of St Theresa’s, a charity for children which Laura worked on in the years 2000 to 2003 whilst living in Peterborough. Laura is proud of all the charity work she’s done, and will continue to help where she can.

Race For Life

Race for Life

Laura launched the London Race guested by Gloira Hunniford, Sarah Greene, Nell McAndrew, Paula Radcliffe and Sally Gunnell.

Blue Cross

Blue Cross

Laura helped promote the Bring Your Dog to Work Day. Watch a video from the campaign.

Pets as Therapy

Pets as Therapy

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Guide Dogs

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Hearing Dogs

Meet Tinkerbell

On Valentines Day 2002 Laura was given the best present ever……Tinkerbell!!!

Since then Laura and Tinkerbell have been inseperable and they have found themselves working together a great deal!

Tinkerbell is probably one of the best travelled and most photographed dogs after Lassie. She’s done radio shows, been to the Circus in Monte Carlo, and even been to the Cartier Polo! Because of her high pooch profile, Tinkerbell was asked to write her own monthly column in Your Dog Magazine, and through this she has met and interviewed many other dog lovers including a few celebrities too! Namely Alex Best, Peter Purves, Liza Tarbuck, Normandie Keith and so on.

Laura and Tinkerbell have also starred on the Channel 4 series Britain’s Top Dog where they studied Agility, Doggy Dancing and Scent Work (this did not involve a perfume store sadly!).

Laura & Tinkerbell will continue to work together and they love to hear all about your pets. Email us with your stories and photos of your doggies on